SWT Paper is the main administrator of the WPF project, and it is with the owner, Mathias Frenzel’s extensive knowledge and experience within the paper-production industry this project has been able to take shape.

SWT Paper specializes in sheeting and lamination of paper and paperboard, and they convert over 17 000 tons of paper annually in their production site in Varberg, on the south-west coast of Sweden. The company was founded in 1999 and has since then become well-known for excellent service, flexibility, high quality products and a genuine interest in innovation.

Recently they attained a FSC certification, and through this they want to be able to show its customers and clients that they are able to produce and track materials using sustainable forestry.

A recognition that was awarded to SWT Paper recently was “entrepreneur of the year” in Varberg, showing that the company has a strong base in its hometown, and is appreciated for its new thinking and endeavors.