Project information

Sustainability down to the core of your furniture, we are developing a new production process, making furniture from 100% recyclable paper products.

This is an innovation that will utilize already known and tested technology, but now collecting the processes into one patented production line, and saving environmental recourses.

Through our extensive experience and knowledge in the materials used, we can in collaboration with the right partners, show amazing results with our new machine.

We want to be in the frontline and inspire others to take their responsibility for their ecological footprint. Trough cradle-to-cradle thinking we hope to produce recyclable furniture with an efficient life-cycle perspective; meaning that the furniture will after use by the customer, be able to be processed and used as raw materials for new furniture or other waste paper products.

Using environmentally friendly materials in design and furniture is of cause nothing new; it is our process that is the innovation. We have developed a production line that is estimated to:

  • Reduce annual energy consumption with approximately 50% (600 000 kWh) compared to producing the same number of units in the current process for storage furniture.
  • Decrease the annual CO2-impact will with 68% or close to 25 000 tons annually.
  • Reduce material consumption with 78% or a little more than 46 000 tons annually, by using waste paper as raw material instead of particle board.

These numbers are astonishing, and we are giving our best to live up to the expected output, because we are dedicated and believe in our products.

Through the collaboration with our co-beneficiary we have a unique opportunity to reach out to a considerable market, and hopefully put an affordable and environmentally friendly product in most homes. The key to having success in this market uptake is keeping the price and quality balanced, weighing the financial gains, when doing every choice regarding design and material development, towards the customers perception.