Calibration Process

edge closing processes

In the past months we have seen much progress regarding the finalization of our machine, now we can see the end of this work-package approaching and the production stage starting.

The massive fan and filter system with a big cyclone has been installed, this will remove all dust particles and edge cuttings from our process and place them in containers, for us to later put them back into the process again. We have a goal in which we want to place the majority of our waste back into our production process again, both the production waste and the end product, when they in the future are recycled by the consumers.

The furniture we are going to produce will from a sustainable point of view be excellent, however we need to ensure that they will be excellent also in a usability and customer experience point of view. Product development is currently in progress.

For the record, we did not meet our goal in regards to performing the SAT (site acceptance test) the 15th of November. The process of programing the machine needs such high level of precision; therefore we have had to postpone the deadline somewhat, we will update on when we have a new date as soon as possible.

We had a breakthrough Friday, the 13th of December, when we were able to run 5 out of 5 edge finishing stations simultaneously, and also work the material on all 5 stations in one line. It might be hard to grasp why this is remarkable, but if one understands the technology behind it they would see what a huge step this is. Let´s just say that we are feeling successful!

New year, New possibilities.